MAUTISTE | About the Company
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About the Company

Learn about our history and work

About Us

Creating viable communities and attractive housing that people call “home” is our goal. MauTiste is committed to meeting this challenge by developing exceptional properties, constructed with quality materials, designed with features and amenities residents really want, and managed by a well-trained and dedicated staff. MauTiste’s developments include affordable market rate housing, new construction, historic res mixed-use and mixed-income communities. A commitment to the long-term ownership and management of our properties reinforces our objective of urban renewal and neighborhood revitalization.

We’re focused on building communities, not just structures. We want our developments to be a testament to our mission – building better communities to improve and enrich our residents’ lives.

Partnerships are vital to our success. We welcome inquiries by neighborhood and non-profit organizations, local public housing authorities, municipal officials, housing finance agencies and property owners searching for a competent and caring private sector partner. Please click to find out how you can help.

Corporate Profile

MauTiste is a private company dedicated to excellence in affordable, and mixed-income housing. Our business is serving families by building residential communities that stand the test of time and that are managed to add to our residents’ quality of life.

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Our mission is to enhance people’s lives through quality housing by working in partnership with local, state, and federal housing agencies to provide successful solutions to their housing challenges.

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This section is under construction.

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Management Team

  • Michael Maupin, Managing Director

    Michael Maupin is the founder and CEO of MauTiste Investment Group (MIG), a real estate development firm in Pennsylvania.

  • Clifford De Baptiste, Property Manager

    Clifford has over 25 years of property management experience of several types of housing projects and has worked with MIG for 10 years.

  • Lela De Baptiste, Managing Partner

    Lela has over 17 years experience in Project Management. She started her career at IBM where she specialized in contract management, coordination,