MAUTISTE | Special Needs Programs
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Special Needs Programs

Learn2Own Home Ownership Program

The “Learn2Own” Program is a self-sufficiency program that encourages economically and socially disadvantaged families in the Chester County region to prepare for financial independence. The program is multifaceted; designed to provide financial assistance, life coaching and financial training to those who qualify as capable of owning a home within 3 years. Qualified applicants will have a portion of their rent paid by the program but are required to contribute a minimum amount, based on income, each month. Funds will be placed in escrow by the program and used as a down payment on a new home after the family has graduated. While the primary outcome is homeownership, secondary outcomes include diminished dependence on welfare systems, personal credit improvement, budgeting, and home maintenance awareness. This model works in tandem with the County’s established Self-Sufficiency Case Management Model. Chester County OIC can provide case management services to residents and prospective residents (and their families) to assist them in moving toward this self-sufficiency model,

 By helping them progress to and beyond the following outcomes:

  • Household wage earners achieve full-time employment
  • Household members become free of publically funded systems, such as Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF), food stamps, cash assistance or Section 8 Housing
  • Household members have health insurance coverage
  • Total household income exceeds 150% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines, based on size, and represents a “livable wage.”
  • The household budget is balanced
  • Household wage earners have reliable transportation for work
  • Household wage earners have a checking and savings account
  • Household wage earners have an acceptable credit rating or an approved credit repair plan
  • All members of the household reside in safe affordable housing

The above outcomes will be achieved utilizing the following inputs:

  • Collaboration among social service providers
  • Referrals to appropriate services and programs
  • Participant incentives upon completion of stated benchmarks
  • Comprehensive case management (including bi-lingual services as needed)
  • Outcome measurement system to track client progress and program outcomes
  • Community partnerships – including: Open Hearth, Brandywine Community Health Foundation, United Way of Chester County, Chester County Assistance Office, Chester County Department of Community Development, Earn Program, Interfaith Housing, Housing Partnership, Open Arms – Transforming Ministries (VITA Tax Service), local banks and/or credit unions.

Specific outputs will be determined and well as data collection procedures to determine program progress.